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Hi, my name is Thomas. I was born and raised in Denmark, and for the past 15 years, I have lived in Nepal doing different kinds of business such as import/export. After the earthquake in April 2015, I and a group of local and foreign friends, have put aside our normal work and instead helped distributing medicine, food and tents. This was for the immediate relief of the victims, but now we have started to initiate the next phase, which is rebuilding houses in the villages.

We focus on using “eathbags”, and for those who don’t know, earthbag building uses polypropylene rice bags or feed bags filled with soil or insulation that are stacked like masonry and tamped flat. Barbed wire between courses keeps bags from slipping and adds tensile strength. The final plastered walls can look like local building style.

Earthbag based houses are more sustainable for new earthquakes, they are relative quick to use and they are very inexpensive. Depending of the size, and how remote the villages are, the cost is about USD 250 – 800. A group of local people can raise a house within a few weeks with the use of very few tools.

All the cases I have publish here on this site are related to individual villages, where I have estimated a total cost based on the size of the villages and how may houses there have been destroyed. My estimates are based on the availability of local labour. In some villages though, a lot of young men has left Nepal and works in countries like Qatar.

When this basic rebuilding phase has been completed, we will focus on rebuilding schools, and start educating in “sustainable villages” which involves biogas, ecological growing, sanitation, solar energy etc. So keep following me here on this site.

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