Help rebuild the village Khalte in Nepal
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Where: Sunaula Bazar 45100, Nepal
The village Khalte is located 1 hours drive from Katmandu (you can see the exact location on the map-link), and is accessible by a normal sedan cars if it is not raining.

The sad situation is that some people die in the villages during the two earthquakes and around 40 houses has been destroyed (or too unstable to use). Also the school and a temple was destroyed.

Me and my friends plan now, is to initiate the rebuilding of the 40 houses based on 'eathbags' (see and use the local people as the actual work force. To accomplish this plan, we basically needs polypropylene bags and barbed wire plus few other materials and tools. As initiators we will buy the needed materials, bring it to the villages by our cars/trucks, and educate/guide the local villages people to do the actual work. We will regularly visit the villages, guide the works and post updates on this site.

The major challenge in the coming period is that the monsoon will start mid-June, which makes everything more difficult - but not impossible. From September till mid-November there is an ideal opening for building, which is after the monsoon and before the winter (which last until March). Another challenge we are also trying to handle as best as we can, is that many of the people in the villages are still traumatized after the loss of family member and friends.

The total budget for this village:
40 houses with the average size of 20m2.
Cost pr. house: 850 USD
Total: 34,000 USD

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