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We are 3 friends with the shared ambition to generate a positive and sustainable social impact through our projects. In cooperation with Sven Mouton, a Belgian architect and urban planner specialised in bamboo constructions and co-founder of Bamboostic (www. we are launching a humanitarian and ecological project with the people of Camburi, a coastal village in the Ubatuba region on the border between the states of São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.

Matthew Wright is a 29 year old British architect living in Copenhagen. He has recently been involved with natural building projects and workshops with a focus on earth architecture, in Ghana and Morocco and is currently volunteering in Sierra Leone as a site manager for Architects Sans Frontières.

Reintje Jacobs is a 24 year old Belgian architect. After taking part in various earth construction projects and workshops in Burundi and Morocco as a student, she is currently seeking to continue her work in the fields of social and sustainable architecture, both in Belgium and abroad.

Anaïs Pereira is a 24 year old French architecture student living in Brussels. She is now on a gap year to participate in many workshops and trainings invol- ving different building materials. You can follow her activities on:

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Project Camburi - PHASE 1: FEASIBILITY TRIP Matthew / Reintje / Anais

Camburi, Ubatuba - SP, Brazil
Project Camburi - PHASE 1: FEASIBILITY TRIP PHASE 1 - FEASIBILITY / STUDY TRIP. We are three friends wi...
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