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Lucky to be born in a place with financial abundance i am grateful for the opportunity to help those who are not. Even though i am just "a poor student" here in Copenhagen, i have much more than many others even dare to dream of, and my life, money and help can make a difference to others. CC and no transaction costs changes so much. Helping has become free and simple. With CC i can give without loosing. E.g. my first transaction was after i went food-shopping in my supermarket - i spend a few minutes checking out what was on sale without compromising quality - and i could send the money i saved to a girl's education in India. How amazing :) I hope to host parties and gatherings with good times and happy vibes, where the profits can be send right to a specific case. Starting small, but i love to enjoy my life and be grateful - as the same time as i am helping others. The value of our (abundance) of money changes SO MUCH when it is so easy for us to give it to good causes.. Proud to be a part of CC.

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Aiysha wants an education. Can you help? mohammed

Bengaluru, India
Aiysha wants an education. Can you help? Aiysha Rizwan is studying in the 10th grade and has high hop...

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