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Mr. Lakhminarayan is married to a woman named Lelavathi and lives in south Bangalore in Kurabarahalli, together with their two sons in a rented house. Before he became part of the fast paced Bangalore scene, Lakhminarayan worked hard at his fish retail business; but then he experienced a great loss in the business, and is today an Auto-Rickshaw driver. The Auto-Rickshaw is rented – and because he does not have ownership of his small cab-business, he has to give most of his earnings away to the owners and earns, after the cut, around Rs. 300 to Rs. 400, which is around $ 5 to 6 USD a day. To make him meet his ends, which includes some very basic necessities like his house rent, food for himself, his wife and his two kids, he is also very conscious about the necessity of an education for his two sons – the total amount of fees the cost of their education, is so much compared to what they live on per day that some days, he cannot make the payment in time, and his two sons, has been sent home from class on many occasions because the payment of their tuition did not come in on time.
Mr. Lakhminarayan has figured out a way, to give his sons the education they need; he now needs to buy and own his own Auto Rickshaw and needs your help to do so.

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