Please help to restore the village and their hope
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Where: Panauti, Kavrepalanchok, Bagmati, Nepal
As you all aware of devastating earthquake in Nepal 25 April 2015. It has been almost 2 years but restoration activity is Next to known in my village being very near to the capital city. So, we are initiating ourselves we have done everything to approach our government to seek help but we are given words and not work. The rainy season is starting soon and life will be difficult in temporary shelters made from tents and zinc plates.

Villagers have struggled through freezing cold in winter and threatening hurricanes in spring. They do not have capacity to bear the heavy rainfall and thunder in this monsoon and neither their weak shelter.

So I am requesting some aid to you. We have to construct 20 houses which can protect us from cruel nature. There are children, old people who are very weak to fight with tough environment.

We consult with expert and engineers, It will cost $110,000 to construct 20 houses as inflation rate is high and it is mandatory to construct earthquake resistant houses. We are facing another big problem of water as sources of water have been dried out.

So we will very pleased if help as much as you can we will be very grateful to you.

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