She Lost Her Parents to HIV, But She Wants An Education!
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Where: Kampala, Uganda
Rebecca is 16 years old and lives in Uganda. We share the same mum.Rebecca lost both her parents within the same year when she was 8 years. She have a family but no one is able to support her financially.

A few weeks ago I went back to Uganda, the place I was born, and spent time with her. She is an amazing young woman whom wants to further her education despite of her financially sutuation and I am determined to make her wish come true.

School tuition for 2 months: 200.000. (ca. $60 US dollars or 53 Euro).
Housing for 2 months: 300.000 shillings. (ca. $90 US dollars or 79 Euro).
Food and living expenses for 2 months: 30.000 shillings. (ca. $9 US dollars or 8 Euro).

Or the total price to put a young woman through school = $79,5 US Dollars 70 Euro.

I promise to post updates about her well-being and life in school. She is a bright woman with hope in her heart about her future. I want to make it possible for the community of CC to better her life!
Any donation will help.

The kindest regards,
Elisabeth Posted: 4/18/2016 8:55 AM
Dear Doreen and Rebecca! I am so happy for you and truly want your wish to come true Rebecca! All the best from Copenhagen. ...
Doreen Posted: 4/17/2016 12:20 PM
Dear Annette, Elisabeth and Carsten. Thank you very much fork your donations!.. I spoke with Rebecca the other day and she was speechless for your help. This money is going to pay for her school and I´ll give you updates about her process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. One love. Greetings from Rebecca and Doreen. ...

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