Social kitchen with refugees on Leros
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Where: Dodecanese Islands
Food is one of the most basic needs. Social living is also one basic need especially in times of life crisis.

The aim of this case is to combine these two needs and create a social kitchen on Leros, where locals and refugees can cook abundant meals enough to cover refugees’ food needs, nourish them with home-made food and with the warmth of coexistence. The aim is therefore both practical, i.e. to provide food, but also social and psychological, i.e. create an opportunity for refugees, volunteers and locals to come together, share the joy of cooking and spread humaneness. There is also an aim of creating a cultural meeting, where both Middle-East and Greek food can be cooked.

The social kitchen will take place every day, unless we are prevented from it. In that case we will inform you the reasons that the social kitchen was cancelled on the given day.

Funding will cover the costs of cooking equipment (fx , ingredients to the food and equipment, like plates, plastic knives, forks, where the food can be served in.

We will sort the plastic garbage in order to recycle it, as the municipality is collecting plastic for recycle.

We aim at conducting the social kitchen every day unless we are prevented from it. In that case, we will inform you about the reasons for the cancellation on the given day.

If there happens to be a lack of volunteers one day, the needed amount of money (depending on the number of refugees on the island) will be given to local restaurants (different every time) in order to cook for that specific day’s needs.

Also as Leros is a small community, shopping will take place at a new super-market every time in order to support as many actors in the local economy as possible. In order to make this possible, we will keep record of our shopping-history.

Pictures of ingredients shopping, food-making and eating will be uploaded so you can follow the process happening here on Leros!

*About Leros: Leros is a small island located in the Aegean sea near Kos.
As the island is located close to the Turkish-Greek border, many refugees reach Leros in their search for a safe and better life in Europe.
The island is small with about 9.000 residents and therefore its capacities and facilities are limited and not sufficient to cover the refugees’ basic needs and shelter them during their stay on the island, which is normally 3-5 days approximately.
The authorities are obligated to offer, at least, one meal daily to the refugees, but with limited financial resources, this demand is not always met. In response to this, local residents and volunteers are trying to make a great impact to cover refugees’ needs, share love and shelter. The past months more and more locals are getting involved in volunteering and many volunteers have also come from abroad to support our common effort to create better conditions for the refugees on Leros. We, all he volunteers here on the island, want to keep this initiative alive and support it. With your support to this case we will be able to keep on providing food to the refugees on Leros and make their staying here just a little more pleasant, before they travel further in their search for a safe life.

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