Organic farm for refugees
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Thank for you taking the time to read about our project - with your help it can turn into something amazing.

We are a group of people who is stating a project and we thought you might like to participate.

We are starting a social economic business, where we together with refugees will make ecological vegatables.
We wish to create jobs, witch the general society are not creating in the needed amount. And we hope for you to join us.

We need to solve two problems.
- for one there is a growing need for ecological vegetables, mainly in the capital area.
- And more and more refugees come to Denmark, and it can be hard for them to find work.

In the first part of the project (2016) we will start on a small piece of land. Here we will, together with the refugees cultivate the land. It’s not a large piece of land, and it should be seen as a sort of practice place – a place where we will teach them to grow different ecological crops and hopefully a place witch will put focus on the project further on. Also it has been proved that gardening can have i healing and anti stressing effect on people with traumas.

We have been offered to borrow a piece of land in Lejre. (20 min outside copenhagen) We can stay here for free till we start making money - only then we will pay rent.
That is an amazing offer that we are so grateful for, but we still need funding for:
- seeds and plants
- gardening tools
- renting preparation tools to make the soil useful for cultivating
- daily management at the farm

We will keep you posted about the project.
We wont start cultivating till beginning of spring, and that is why there is no pictures yet.

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