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The children of Massath and Mokhimat are in hunger strike
And they have no heater devices nor clothes or even having
blankets to heat themselves.
Every day I receive messages with photos of
These children.
Friends, followers, lets make a way for them
To receive their emergency needs before another
Madhya crisis occurred over there.

THE SYRIAN CHILDREN EATING A BREAD MIXED WITHIN THE BLOOD, THE PRICE OF BREAD INSIDE COST THEIR BLOOD An inevitable consequence of war went to number of killing, destruction, Looting,...

An inevitable consequence of war went to number of killing, destruction,
Looting, felony, displacement and migrant as the phenomenon and a
Human values can be faintly numb and instead fills savagery and wilderness
The Human voice is silent instead of bullets, the roaring of the aircraft, tanks, loud explosion hurts the ear, hearts pondering fast and stature the bends!
War changes the language of human thoughts and the whole defeat will most injured in war sustained.
Because, they lost their defensive power but in meantime, women and children suffer most and the worst case of abuse and harassment.
In fact,women and children are the victims of war.
According to international law, all those who do not participate directly in the war must preserve moral and physical integrity of their right to life.
Dignity and Human rights must be respected and any type of abuse bondage, the enslavement, recruitment of children, rape on women and children is prohibited.

During international armed conflicts, children come into the category of those protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war. By virtue of this, they benefit in particular from all the provisions relative to the treatment of protected persons, which state the basic principle of humane treatment, including respect of life and physical and moral integrity, and for- bidding, inter alia, coercion, corporal punishments, torture, collective penalties and reprisals.

As members of the civilian population, children benefit from the rules of international humanitarian law relative to the conduct of hostilities. These rules, developing the principles for distinguishing between civilians and combatants and forbidding attacks directed against civilian population, are expressed, in as much as they refer to international armed conflicts, in Protocol I of 1977.

In non-international armed conflicts, children are protected by the fundamental guarantees relating to the treatment of persons taking no active part in the hostilities, set forth in article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions. Under this article, children have at least the right, during these conflicts which are often very cruel, to be treated humanely. There should not be any violence to their lives and persons or their dignity.

Protocol II of 1977 also codifies the principles according to which the civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack.
New-born babies are assimilated to the " wounded " for the purposes of Protocol I
Children who have not attained the age of fifteen years and mothers of children under seven come into the categories of the civilian population who can be received into the hospital or safety zones established by the parties to an international armed conflict in accordance with article 41 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Likewise, children and maternity cases come into the category of civilian persons who, according to the Fourth Convention, should be evacuated from besieged or encircled areas (article 17). Protocol I provides, yet only on the strictest of conditions, for the temporary evacuation of children, should this become necessary for compelling reasons for their safety (article 78).
In the case of non-international armed conflicts, Protocol II encourages the temporary evacuation of children, on certain conditions, from an area in which hostilities are taking place to a safer area within the country But with the human tragedy that we see in Syria every day, encouraging with various forms of crime against children.
Bombs in response to bombs in response to bombs in response to...
Terror in response to violence in response to darkness, in response to hate...
It doesn't make sense.
We all know how devastating the situation already in syria, how desperate people are to leave, how so many have risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean to safety, we've all seen the picture...
And now they added to that horror?
Surely, in that case, those who voted for air strikes should, at the very least, give refuge to those civilians forced to flee as a result.
Lead by example, radiates love, compassion and peace from every pore.
Where we are born should not determine our future, our destiny. We are all the same underneath all the things( languages, colors, culture, religion,...) that don't really matter.Are these innocent children have to pay for power elites in their own land?
In Syria, these days, bread color and tastes with the blood of children.
They have the rights of a normal life, don't let the selfish power seekers
Will decline and destroying Their children.

2015, with all the good and evil passed.
The war in Yemen, killing Nigerian, killing innocent children and innocent Syrian, Pakistan, Iraq, France and ...
If today humanity does not stop the war, every day, will face with a new kind of misery and destruction. The two world wars was not enough that we're sitting and waiting for The World War III?
Taking the lives of many innocent children is enough, so do not hesitate! The death of a man is the death of all humanity. Why do we let the race, color, etc... rule over us?
you are all equal under the banner of a "Human" this equality is established. In humans, there is no government in power.

Today is the day that requires a change in attitude of human life, so any death threats and under any title is removed and replaced with humanity and equality. suicides and killing is enough, there is no border for humanity. All human beings are connected like a chain and painful one, should be another pain.
We do not live in an era of violence and brutality, to the modernity of today's modern man boasts, does this mean that the wars under modern or any kind of friendship and unity of humanity?
Friends, followers and global peace makers, let us pray to the year in which the sense of peace and humanity to achieve peace in the world.
For that day
We pray

I am working in Iran,working for Syrian children and the refugees all around the world.
I wrote books about different religions in Both English and Farsi.
Worked voluntary for children who have cancer and for protecting the children all over the world!
you can check me through my Instageram page: atosanajaflooy
I love to see children happy and have a good life!!!
They deserve it.
I try to find a way sending food and medicine for Syrian children inside, so i try to ask help from all the human organization.
I don't need help for myself, I do ask all the Human organization, UN and even a single help to the children of Syria who lost their homeland and hope!!!
Give hope to the children around the world for having a respectful generation in the future.
CommonCollection Posted: 11/19/2015 4:22 PM
Dear Atosa, Sometimes givers at CommonCollection forget to inform us about which case they want to support. Also sometimes people wanting to give their best ask us to choose whom to give to. We decided to support you Atosa in your efforts to help children as we share your happiness when experiencing happy children living good lives. Very best regards Annette CommonCollection Support...

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