About Us
We are a group of people with the desire to give our best to the world by bridging human needs with helping potentials. Common for us is our concern for the world and its people, which we know that we share with billions of others. We are happy to work together to make CommonCollection grow and we honestly believe that giving is a tool to our wellbeing and a serious opportunity for a better world.
Annette Grothe-Møller
Annette Grothe-MøllerCo-Founder and CEOMSc Psychology

Annette Grothe-Møller is the founder at CommonCollection. She drives the company's vision, strategy and development together with her husband Thorkild Grothe-Møller (CTO and co-founder). A strong belief in human goodwill and unutilized human potentials brought her seven years ago to see an opportunity for using the Internet for global peer-to-peer giving and started to create what she calls a frame of hope.

Annette is responsible for the over all human resources and creative development at CommonCollection working to match and develop human talents and potentials to bring forward company strategies and goals. She travels to build user support for bridging needs and potentials globally.

Annette has more than 20 years experience with psychotherapy and counseling for adult individuals and couples. Together with her husband she has been working with management and human resource in private and public companies. In 2014 she published her first book. Annette and Thorkild live in Copenhagen. Together they have four children.

”With so much unbearable human suffering, so much unutilized goodwill and human potential, we simply have to use the Internet for connection and giving.” Annette

Elisabeth Grothe-Møller
Elisabeth Grothe-MøllerCo-Founder and SpokespersonBSc. Art History & Psychology
Student of MSc in Visual Culture

Elisabeth is the spokesperson and second in command at CommonCollection. Her role is to make sure that the basic vision behind CommonCollection is implemented into development of the business as a whole. Tools, solutions and visions are visually being translated by Elisabeth in order to be effectively communicated to the global userbase and the cross-cultural community of CommonCollection.

Elisabeth loves being able to communicate CommonCollections visions and thereby to inspire others through the hope and attitude to life that is CommonCollection. She is therefore the natural spokesperson for CommonCollection and she gives interviews and speeches of what is the great potentials and possibilities of this unique network.

She is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Visual Culture in Copenhagen, works as a Creative Director on multiple projects in the publishing- and film industry and is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the gaming company NorthLit.

“Using the Internet to make giving possible on a peer-to-peer basis globally will have a very positive impact on the world.” Elisabeth.

Annette Grothe-Møller
Thorkild Grothe-MøllerCo-Founder and CTOBSc Eng. (hon.)

Thorkild is the co-founder and managing director at CommonCollection. Together with his wife Annette Grothe-Møller (founder at CommonCollection) he sets the direction for CommonCollection.

With a background in software development and mechanical engineering he oversees the technical development at CommonCollection. Thorkild’s aim is using the Internet for the greater good by connecting people globally for life improving purposes.

He has been a managing director of an IT consultancy company developing and implementing software solutions for national and international companies within product engineering. Thorkild worked for 10 years at the Technical University of Denmark focusing on using IT to improve efficiency during product development.

Thorkild lives with Annette in Copenhagen. Together they have four children.

“I believe that the time has come for us to utilize the Internets possibilities to globally connect us and help those in need. I think it is of crucial importance to visually communicate a world of hope and potential!” Thorkild.